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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A walk in the woods.

We used to walk in these woods three or four times a week at one point until two unrelated things happened resulted in us not hiking here for about two years.  

The first thing that happened was A. and a boy across the street got lost in the woods.  A. actually knows his way around the trails very well as he's been walking them since he was a toddler.  The boy had just moved to the neighbourhood and didn't believe A. that he knew the way and A. at the time didn't want to be left alone so he followed the boy even though he knew he was going the wrong way.  A. finally took charge and lead the way home when the other boy came to the very dramatic conclusion that they were going to die there, funny now, not so much then.

The other reason is that our access to the trails were cut off when they finally built the last house on our court.  It is with great shame that I admit that the public access is about....oh....a km down the road, but in my defense it's a very busy road! 

Anyways, A. and I decided to take Buddy and Sadie for a walk there today.  A. wanted to holdon to Buddy but since Buddy isn't the best behaved pup when he sees other dogs, I had warned A. not to let go of his retractable leash.  Of course we saw a couple of other dogs and Buddy went for it.  A. let go of the leash and in a moment of complete stupidity I grabbed it as he went by, suffering a nice little case of rope burn as a result.  Silly me.  

We had fun though and both A. and I are looking forward to walking the trails again soon, this time with just Sadie.  

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