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Friday, March 18, 2011


I had big plans to post lots of photos of Alice this week but she got a booster shot on Wednesday and was pretty much down for the count until last night.  She seemed to go from lethargic to ready to party in about 30 seconds, which was pretty funny at 11 o'clock at night.  I'm happy to say she's feeling much better today and I will be taking my camera with me this afternoon on a walk with some friends and most of the pack. Most of the girls don't want to deal with muddy dogs during the spring thaw so we'll be doing a lot of on leash excursions.  Luckily Beth isn't afraid of mud so I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing some funny pics of Alice and Lincoln over the next month or so as well. 

In other news it was great to get outside for my first spring run with Dana yesterday.  We did 8.5k along the waterfront and it felt great.  I topped that with a 5 k walk with the girls later in the day and I will honestly admit to feeling it just a little today:). 

It's absolutely gorgeous out today so I opened up the kitchen windows and I'm very much enjoying a lazy morning with coffee, spring breezes and a view of the pups enjoying the sunshine outside.  After a long winter, that we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of, the warm tease of spring is a welcome surprise.

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