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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What happens when you meet your running partner for a doggy playdate at Chedoke...

...and decide to head in the opposite direction than you usually go in?  Well, since this is Hamilton... you walk until you hit a Starbucks of course! 

Alice and I met my friend Dana and her puppy Louie (both mentioned here before) at Chedoke and decided instead of heading up the Radial trail we would go the other way.  We headed down some of the older streets in Hamilton and hit the Starbucks on Locke Street.  While Dana went in I spent an enjoyable 10 minutes talking to an older man who loved hearing all about Alice and Louie (who is a rescue dog from Hurricane Ike).  Alice makes new friends everywhere she goes, partly due to her original look and of course her very sweet personality.  We took a bit of a different route back, following a trail that led to the golf course and then through the golf course up to the parking lot.  Alice was soooo tired from her adventures yesterday that even when I dropped her leash she didn't want to run off and play with Louie. 

Tomorrow is another big day for her as she has a vet appointment, her first since arriving in Canada. She had three while en route so the vet said it was okay to wait a bit.

Some pics as always
 Now a bonus pic from yesterday... Alice and Lincoln were cracking us up when they were sharing a long thin stick.  They weren't fighting over it at all but it kept breaking and it was almost as if they were handing it back and forth.  So cute!

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