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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A few photos from an early Saturday morning run.

Yesterday morning we decided to try a different route for a change and headed down to the Runner's Den in Westdale to start our run from there.  It was a dark and very gloomy morning with heavy clouds threatening rain the whole time but except for a few very windy moments it was perfect weather for running.  It felt much more like fall than spring though, especially after the nice weather we have been getting lately.

Remember how I mentioned I was looking forward to boot camp on Friday?  I have to admit when I got there I may have had a brief moment of regret, especially after hearing from several people what a killer workout Brian had given the ladies the night before.  Since our group is supposed to be a little more advanced, I knew Brian would be adding on to the workout anyways.  

I'll admit it was a tough one, very tough, but I loved it.  Brian never pushes harder than he thinks we can handle.  Sure, he pushes us to do our best, but he never pushes us to the point where we feel we can't do it.  This is the first time i've ever been pushed to the heart stopping point where it took me almost a minute to regulate my breathing... twice, but it was actually kind of fun.

After Friday's tough boot camp and yesterday's 10k, the girls and I went shopping.  By the end of the afternoon we all realized that we were exhausted and our plans to go out Saturday night were postponed until another day. 

I slept in until 10 this morning, which is unheard of for me and am planning a nice lazy day.   

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