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Friday, April 16, 2010

Random thoughts on a Friday.

I went for a run with an old friend last night.   I posted about this on Facebook and mentioned he was married and his wife let me borrow him.  I am still laughing at all the people who either messaged me or popped up in FB chat to ask about that.  I know in some cases this might be cause for alarm, but in this case... it's perfectly okay.  We started our run by climbing the Chedoke stairs and we paused at the top to text this photo we took to another friend... silly but fun.

Out of my two boys, one is pretty serious and one is a bit of a joker.  When I got home from my run last night a certain child of mine asked if he could tell me something.  While I was out for my run, this child decided to test out the theory that if he put on every pair of boxer briefs he owns (and he has a lot), he just might resemble Toad, of Mario Bros fame.  He asked if I wanted to see and even let me take a photo but begged me not to post it on Facebook or this blog.  Of course I promised and had to laugh when he muttered under his breath... "I know I'm going to live to regret this".  I did take the photo but I'll keep my promise not to post it...for now.

I got a very amusing email today that has me wondering why some people think the world stops when they are feeling a bit under the weather... and that's all I'm going to say on that one.  
Looking forward to boot camp tonight.  Our trainer Brian is having fun coming up with different ways to torture us with the new exercise bands.  The ladies are so much fun and Brian is fantastic at designing a varied full body workout for each session that leaves us feeling it for a few days but he never pushes anyone harder than they can handle.  It is up to us to push ourselves also and I have to admit once I started seeing results, seeing actual muscle definition in places like my back and arms, it made me work all that much harder.

So proud of my oldest who has really started to pull up his socks at school.  He is a very smart kid but didn't really know what he wanted to be and having never really had to study, was content to cruise through his high school years.  Lately though he had decided he really wants to be a lawyer and after getting some advice from a childhood friend of mine who ended up practicing law in the US, J. suddenly realized his dream of ending up in California or Nevada could actually be achieved. 

I think that's it for today.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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