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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Has it really been more than a week since my last post?  Where does the time go?

I hope all of you who celebrate are having a wonderful Easter.  The weather around here is fantastic, I hope it's the same where you are.

The boy's dad picked them up Thursday night and they spent a couple of fun days with him.  The first night was spent in Toronto and then they went to Ellicottville where A. got to ski for the first and last time this season.

While they were away I kept myself pretty busy.  Friday my dad and I helped my sister build a deck in her new backyard.   I took a couple photos with my iPhone and she took a few with her camera.... which she posted on Facebook....of our behinds as we worked.  Thanks Julie!  

Saturday was a very long day.  I got up early for an 8 am run with the girls.  It felt so good to get outside again!   We went for our traditional chai's at Starbucks after and were thrilled to find they had pumpkin scones... yum!  In the afternoon we took a little shopping trip to Lululemon where I didn't buy anything, shocking I know, the Nike store,  Starbucks (yes, again), a stationary store and the coolest store ever.... the Ten  Thousand Villages store, which has amazing Fair Trade items for sale from around the world.   I picked a really cute bead and wire choker type necklace that I love.  

Later that night I met an old friend and his wife and had a great time listening to a live band and catching up, though I have to admit that I got along so well with his wife that he didn't get much of a chance to get a word in edgewise.  That's ok though, I'm sure we'll all get together again.  

We decided to have our Easter dinner tomorrow night so tonight the boys and I are taking it easy with a few windows open to enjoy the fresh air and some delicious Laura Secord chocolate eggs to snack on.  Life is good.  

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