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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photos from the trail.

One of my favourite things about my iPhone is the camera.  Before I had my iPhone I often used to run with an old little digital camera I have.  I don't have to discuss the peace of mind that having the phone when I run gives me but the real fun (besides the well loved Nike app) is being able to take a photo whenever I want.  

Now that we are running outside on a fairly regular basis I'm sure you'll see many more iPhone photos showing up here.  One of my running partners is talking about trying to make her goal of running 10k in a specific time and I have a feeling we'll be logging a fair number of miles this summer and our iPhones will be there every step of the way.

I took the above photos on our run this morning.  We had planned to run as a foursome but one of the ladies had car trouble and another didn't get out of bed in time for our 8 am start.  So it was just Janet and I and we did a well loved route from the Chedoke golf course parking lot.  

We saw the aftermath of a bad car accident at the top of the Dundurn stairs , we saw a lot of people out enjoying the beautiful morning and when we ran down the radial trail we found the trail flooded at the bottom of the above pictured waterfall.  No wet shoes for us however as there were a few strategically placed rocks we were able to cross the stream on.  Shortly after we took a few photos, first one and then about five more dogs showed up to check out the water.  The dog in the above photo gingerly entered the little pond but they were all soon in it having a great time.  If they are anything like my dog, I'm pretty sure the three young men who were with them were probably a little damp on their way home.

After our run we headed to Starbucks to pick up a chai latte.  We sat for a bit to chat and I had to giggle a little as my phone rang and several people looked to see just who had the Super Mario Bros ring tone.   It was a great way to start off the weekend and I'm looking forward to many more runs (and iPhone photos) as the weather turns warmer.  

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