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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day in review

We had a quieter than normal Mother's Day this year.  I had invited my parents for dinner and things were going according to plan when my dad called to say a tree in their back yard was down after a big storm the day before and did I mind if we postponed until another day.  The boys were very busy outside playing with their friends anyways so we went ahead and rescheduled.  

The tree in the photo above is sadly the one that was destroyed.   This is a straight out of the camera photo that isn't retouched in any way.  I'm hoping a friend will work some magic on it and that it can become a keepsake for my parents.

Yesterday morning the boys presented me with a big box of chocolates that they had picked up while out with their dad and they continued to be absolutely sweethearts throughout the day.  My truck was washed, they did what was asked of them without complaining and they spoiled me in every little way they could.  

Since the dinner was cancelled we decided that we would pick up dinner out and since I had a craving for Tally Ho, that's what we did.  A. of course picked McDonald's instead... his loss.  Tally Ho is a one shot restaurant that has been in the area for years.  They make the best roast beef sandwiches ever.   My former vegetarian loved his so much he's been begging me to take  him back today.  

In the kids can do the strangest things category, I went to get A. a pair of pants out of his dresser this morning as he was moving a little slowly and when I grabbed them they were soaking wet.  For a reason I can't quite understand, after getting soaked in a water fight the boys had when they washed my truck yesterday, A. came in and changed, folding his very wet clothing neatly and placing it on top of his clean dry clothes.   Boys!

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