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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why? Why not!

We got quite a storm here last night complete with thunder and lightning and at times it was pretty windy as well.  There was a bit of lull in the storm at around 7:30 so A. decided to go out and play.  You'll note in the photos that he is wearing his very well loved Mario costume.  Yes, I know it's May, but if he doesn't care who sees him wearing it, I see no problem with it at all.  After all, just a couple nights earlier, there were about 20 kids on our court playing and several of them were wearing tutus.  Did I mention the tutu wearing kids were 12 year old boys?  Anything goes in our neighbourhood!  

I am very aware that the focus on the top two shots leaves a lot to be desired, I had pulled out my 70-200  f4 L lens that I haven't touched since last summer and initially I had a little trouble with it.  I love the photos anyways so they are keepers as far as I'm concerned.  

I shot the bottom shot as I was testing the focusing.  The light was very interesting and I like how the leaves almost glow from the flash.  I didn't adjust this photo at all, just cropped it a bit.
A friend of mine who is more into photography did play with it a bit and I love what he did to it but I've decided not to share that version.

The Mario lover in the top photos stayed home from school today complaining of a tummy ache, but right now he's outside riding his scooter again, this time in snowman pajamas.  Like I said... anything goes here!

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