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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rain, rain go away.....

I know it's spring and I know the flowers need the rain and all that... but quite frankly, we have had more than our fair share this week and I'm tired of it.  

I had to cancel a few runs this week and after days of nice weather, the rain changed a few of the planned activities on A.'s camping trip also.  I'll stop complaining now, the week ahead is looking pretty good so hopefully the rain will soon be a dim memory.

A. had a pretty good time at camp despite the rain.  At one point they got stuck in a shed after a sudden downpour and had to be rescued... but honestly I think that was one of A.'s highlights.  His favourite activity was canoeing and kayaking, no surprise there and his least favourite camp experience was a certain bunkmate that talked a lot and the fact they didn't have juice, his favourite cookies or tim bits, funny, since it was a Tim Horton's camp.  The other big bummer was that certain activities he had used before when at a birthday party there were "out of bounds' due to school board regulations.

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