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Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a little too quiet at my house.

I can't believe it's Thursday already, this week has flown by.  It's been pretty exciting around here lately which is probably why.  First of all, my 11 yo had been bouncing off the walls all week as the time had finally come for him to go on his school's fourth and fifth grade trip.  

They have been discussing this all year long and I have to admit I was pretty surprised when A. said he wanted to go.  My oldest always preferred to take the three days off school instead and last year A. had no interest at all in going.  This year however he's matured a lot and his teacher spent a lot of time telling him how much fun it was going to be so he decided to give it a try.  I was a little worried because he is such a picky eater but he promised me he would try a few new foods while he was there.  He is a meat eater so that's good and several teachers told me there is always a few picky eaters on the trip and nobody has starved yet.  A. was very excited yesterday morning as I dropped him and his bags off at school and he barely tolerated a hug from mom before darting off to his class room to meet up with all the other kids.  

With him on his way yesterday and a free day with no lunch time pick up duties, I met one of my running partners for a run along the Waterfront Trail in Hamilton.  It was pretty hot so we didn't push it too hard and we actually added an extra loop on the end of our run as it was such a nice day.  I took the photo below as we drank our water after our run.

In other exciting news, its full steam ahead in the efforts to get the house ready to list.  I will be working hard over the next few days and am hoping to have the hard stuff done by next Friday.  

This weekend is our town's annual Buskerfest and hopefully i'll be back soon with some photos to share from that.  Until then, stay safe and be good!

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