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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where to begin?

Busy doesn't even begin to describe it.  Over that last few days i've had so many appointments and meetings and an eight mile long to do list and today I can finally sit down and breath for a few moments.  When the dishwasher repairman who was here this morning for the second time in three days mentioned I looked a little more relaxed today it was a pretty good indication that things had been crazy around here.  

The biggest news first... the dishwasher is fixed!  Okay, that's not the biggest news but it could possibly be the most exciting.   Our house is officially listed.  The virtual tour looks amazing and on Friday we have our first showing.  I am pretty sure I know who it is.  Two brothers live beside each other across the street and their parents are looking to move here also.

The kids are doing surprisingly well with it all.  My 15 yo wrote his last exam yesterday and he's thrilled to be off for the summer, my 11 yo got an academic award at his assembly yesterday, cried for the first time over unrequited love last night and is very excited about moving on to grade 6 at a school that not only did his brother go to, but his father, grandparents on both sides and even a great grandparent... and his Poppa once taught there also.  Let's just hope this actually happens and we find a house that works for us and makes this possible.

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