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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One spoiled rotten little boy.

Our house guest is here, which is the reason I didn't post yesterday.  This house guest is more demanding than a two year old and noisier also, although today he has settled down just a bit. He loves to be nearby, he's very demanding of your time and whines until you cuddle him, he's a bit of a beggar and he tends to jump on people also.  Who is he?  My parent's very spoiled Miniature Schnauzer Buddy.  

I don't mean to make it sound like we don't like the little guy, because we do, we love him to death... but i'll just say that our dogs growing up (and we had a few) were never allowed to get away with half the stuff this little boy does and leave it at that.   Sadie and Buddy get along just fine and it makes me laugh to see Sadie almost shaking her head at Buddy when he gets all excited over something silly. 

I have three photos to share today.  The first is the view from a pedestrian bridge over the 403 that I have driven under many times and never really noticed before.  I went running with a friend Dana this morning and we ran from Chedoke Golf Course parking lot, up the Radial Trail all the way to this bridge and back.  

The second photo represents how I spent part of the afternoon.  I grabbed a few cooking magazines including the newest Bon Appetit that I received in the mail today and menu planned for a while.   One of (my) life's little pleasures; the sun, a lazy afternoon and a new cooking magazine. 

The third is Buddy's cute little face looking up at me to let me know he wanted up on the couch.  I will admit I fell victim to his charm and soon he was nestled in beside me watching tv.  A few minutes later A. called him and both Buddy and Sadie tried to figure out just who they wanted to snuggle with.  So very cute.  

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