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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Since I haven't posted enough embarrassing photos of myself lately....

...I decided one more won't hurt.  

A little background.  I have talked about my friends Colin and Lesley before.  Quite often I will tag along with Lesley to watch Colin's two different soccer teams play.   One Sunday morning (Father's Day to be exact) Lesley and I were watching Colin play another friend's team and I noticed a player from the league taking photos.  

The thing that caught my eye wasn't actually that he was taking photos, but the lens on his camera.  I have a (still expensive) cheaper version of the lens he was using and may have gushed a little as I told him that he had the lens of my dreams.  I quickly forgot about the fact he was taking pictures though after he wandered off and got back to enjoying the game.

Yesterday I was informed that I might want to check out a little section added to the league website and I have to admit I laughed when I saw why.  I never thought he would turn the camera on us and as you can see by the expressions on our faces, we didn't have a clue he was taking the photo (the advantage of a long lens).  

I'm not sure what our friend Lewis (he plays on one of Colin's teams and they have been friends for over twenty years) was thinking about, or myself.  It looks like we were fighting or something, which we weren't.  Even worse than the fact I have a serious look on my face (and am about as pale as you will ever see me) is the fact he caught on camera that it looked like I got dressed in the dark that day.  I think I grabbed the hoody on the way out the door but that still doesn't explain the black tank and brown pants combo.  Hmmm.  

Anyways, there you have it, hopefully the last embarrassing photo for a little while.  I'll get back to photos of the kids or something else for the rest of the summer. 

Photo credit to Marino Casciani, borrowed from

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