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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bonus Photo Day

Sorry for going missing yesterday after promising to blog and post a photo every day this summer.   Today, you get two plus a bonus. because I'm feeling generous:).  Hopefully tomorrow you'll see a not so great photo that I giggled a bit when I first saw it, you'll see why when I post it.

Yesterday was quite busy for the boys and I and today was extremely quiet for me, as the boys are away with their dad and my usual partners in crime on Saturdays are either away or busy. Our usually Saturday morning run with the girls didn't even happen so out of guilt after missing a run and a boot camp session last week, I hit the treadmill.

Back to yesterday.  After a huge rainstorm in the morning that flooded areas of the neighbouring city for the second time in three days, the boys and I headed out to go shopping as they were complaining about the lack of snack foods available.  When we got there Josh noticed Gramma and Poppa's (John's parents) van was parked pretty close to ours.  We ran into them pretty quickly in the store and they mentioned that John's brother's wife and daughter were there.  

Deb and I got along really well the few times we met (they lived in Vancouver at the time) and of course we all love F. also.  They moved very close to us last summer but since John and I had split by that time, I hadn't seen them although the boys had.  It was a bit strange for a second but F. was very excited to see me and Deb and I quickly got over it and made plans to have them cover for a swim really soon.  

The first photo above is another in my series of really bad photos taken of myself.  This one was taken just before a run.  Forgive the bathroom in the background.  The next two photos are photos of the boys with F. last time we were in Florida together. I love the first one, the three of them were so cute together.  They are the only kids on John's side of the family.  The second photo totally cracks me up because it is the only one I have ever taken of Josh with both feet off the ground.  I have a billion (only slightly exaggerating) of A. this way, but I was thrilled to catch that one of Josh.  

There, all caught up and now I think I will go paint my toenails.  The boys picked out a very funky brownish colour for me this time... when I put it on one toe A. proclaimed it the colour of the summer.   

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