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Friday, August 27, 2010

A barely there Saturday morning ramble.'

It's been one of those weeks, filled with unexplainable tragedies, strange aches and pains and even a random sore throat, kids lamenting the end of summer, weird weather and so much more.  

There have been lots of good things happening as well that I have to mention, Josh has been very helpful, 95% of the time anyways and A. has been his funny self.  I had a great run on Tuesday with my running partner, two good boot camp sessions and a great treadmill run today.  We went to the $5 theatre and saw a very cute movie (Beezuz and Ramona) with the MacLeod's on Thursday and did a whole lot of shopping this week as well.  We finally got some new drinking glasses and we picked up some new pillows for everyone too.    

Tonight I watched some good friends play soccer and was even treated to a free chai on the way after my running partner's wife and I ran into someone she does tai kwon do with working at our local Starbuck's, a very nice surprise.

I have a rather grainy photo to share.  Some days I wish I carried my "good camera" with me more often.  I took the photo on the "beach strip" on the night we ran there.  It was so beautiful but a little too dark to get the photo I wanted.   I missed another opportunity tonight.  A friend who shares my love of photography pointed out that we could have got some great shots of the moon tonight.  I guess there is always next time.

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