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Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Beautiful Day in Southern Ontario

A friend and I went for a short hike yesterday along a part of the Bruce Trail that I had never been on before.  We have definitely enjoyed what our area has to offer over the years but it really is incredible to think about how much we've missed.  Thank goodness for friends who like to explore also.  As always a few photos.  I'm still getting used to the way Blogger loads so forgive the photos of me in the middle.  I couldn't delete the photos once I started adding more.  I wasn't as impressed with the photos I got today, but in my defense it was kind of chilly and I was wearing gloves so I didn't spend as much time on the set up.  As for the photos of me, you know I hate having my picture taken and these were the best.  I spared you the shot of my hair totally covering my face that my friend said made me look like a muppet.  I also must apologize for the last photo of me.  Someone needs to do their hair:).

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