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Monday, November 1, 2010

And in the end he went as....

...Mario, for the fourth or so time.  He did sneak in a year in the middle of that being Lan from Megaman and decided on Saturday after weeks of asking him what he wanted to be, that he would actually be Megaman, with one days notice.  Sorry buddy.  

I told him I could whip up a Ninja or any other number of quick costumes but buying fabric and other materials and making a Megaman costume in one day was out of the question.  He hummed and hawed about what he would be and if he would even go out for the rest of the weekend, right up until 30 minutes before it was time to trick or treat.  He finally decided that being Mario was better than a hockey player, a ghost, an "artiste", a hobo, an old man or any of the other easily put together options.

His dad and another dad (same situation) continued a long standing tradition of taking the kids around the neighbourhood and A. came back a short time later, hot and very sweaty, with a bag full of candy and other goodies.  Josh totally cracked me up by stealing all the smarties, aerobars and coffee crisp, the very chocolate bars he told me NOT to buy when we went candy shopping.  Funny kid.

It was a fun night, we had about thirty to thirty five kids and everyone had fun, which is all that counts, right?  

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