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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten Things on Tuesday, again, because I'm a slacker.

1 There have been weather warnings and a whole lot of chatter about an incoming storm all day from a large portion of the United States and Southern Ontario.  The winds are supposed to be very strong.  After a really nice day, it seems to have finally arrived.   
2 I was very bummed about missing boot camp tonight, now I'm kind of glad, because it would getting out right now... and I am glad I don't have to drive home in this!
3 I took a photo of my back last week and was a little shocked at how, um, muscular it looks.   If I get enough nerve, maybe i'll post the pic. 
4 My ex and his dad finally closed the pool today, now that that the house is officially off the market for a while.  I have to say I'm relieved.  The pool was nothing but trouble this year.  If we are still here next year I won't open it until we have a new pump.
5 I'm hoping the storm doesn't knock out the television signal... both my 15 year old and I are really looking forward tonight's Glee, and he doesn't even watch the show.  He saw a local performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the spring and is curious to see how it will play out on Glee.
6 Looking forward to a little coffee get together with some scrappy (that would be short for scrapbooking) girlfriends this weekend, sad because one can't make it but happy because we are adding a new addition to the group.
7 Can't wait to make one of my favourite meals for dinner tonight, vegetarian nachos....I love black beans!
8 Speaking of making, although both Josh and I are pretty tired of our regular banana bread recipe, we had some bananas to use up so we made a peanut butter version from Cooking Light magazine that was beyond delicious.  Can't wait to make it again.
9 Not looking forward to saying good bye to my parents in a couple of weeks but so excited for them as they leave to enjoy their first winter in their new home in Florida.  I can't wait to go visit them!
10 My poor little guy is not enjoying music at school this year.  Last year it was french.  It is a bit of a personality thing but since he is showing some recognizable signs that this is going to turn into a big deal, I sent a note in today.  Hopefully talking to his teacher will nip this in the bud quickly.

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