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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten Things on Tuesday.

1-After almost three weeks (how can that be?) I went for an actual run outside, after dark even, with my running partner.  The photo above was taken with my iPhone of the canal by my house.  Love how it looks like a painting.
2-On Sunday night my mom and I went to see Steve Earle in an amazing setting.  We've seen him many times, although probably not in 15 years, and he was as incredible as ever. Funny, smart and extremely talented.
3-Last week they finally came to suck the wet insulation out of my attic from the roof leak.  No word yet when they plan to replace it.
4-While here, they moved the basketball net and placed it right in front of the garage door that I go through with my truck, which was at that point parked in the garage.  That sucker is heavy but happy to say I moved it myself.
5-I figured out I can no longer take Advil (allergic reactions) which stinks because I never got any relief from Tylenol.  Time to experiment and hope my throat doesn't swell in the process.
6-Really, really need to clean off my desktop, which means it's time to upload some photos to my favourite developer.
7-Very excited about an upcoming scrapbooking get together, which means I'm actually going to order some prints of those photos, yippee.
8-We have one more showing on Thursday and that is also the day our house goes off the market.
9-I made apple crisp for an after run treat last night and it ended up being my dinner.  Would you think less of me if I told you I had it for breakfast also?  
10-Looking forward to a roast chicken dinner tonight to make up for the lack of protein.

That's it, happy Tuesday!

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