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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A fun day for Sadiegirl and....

... for the rest of us as well.

Alec and I have gone on a couple of hikes with my sister Julie, her two dogs and various human and canine friends now.   Yesterday we were going on another one and since I knew there wasn't going to be that many dogs I decided to let Sadie tag along for the first time.  Sadie is a sweetie most of the time but she has always had a special bond with Alec and I wasn't sure how she would react to him being near other dogs.

When we got to the park it was just Julie and her two dogs who Sadie had played with on several occasions and together we headed off on the trails.  Sadie was thrilled when I let her off her leash but she was funny too.  I'm not sure if it was unfamiliar area, the fact she is a bit older or that she still feels the need to keep an eye on Alec but she didn't venture as far as she used to in the woods near our house in her younger years.

Eventually she wandered a little further away but only after she let my sister's dogs Mandy and Casey know she wasn't too happy when they got too close to me although she was okay with Alec playing with them.  Silly girl. 

On our second lap through the woods we were joined by a friend of Julie's and her dog and much to our suprise another dog... completely unnacompanied by any humans.  This dog stayed with us for about 30 minutes, playing on occasion and being a pain on occasion but nothing serious happened.  When we were almost back to the parking lot we were joined by another dog (siblings?) who walked with us all the way back and they then proceeded to make nuisances of themselves by getting in the way of vehicles trying to back up.

We never did figure out who they belonged to and they sort of trotted off in the sunset when we left.  Strange.

A few pics of course....

 After we got home and had a quick but filling dinner of vegetable soup and turkey sandwiches Alec and I headed off to the library where to Alec's complete joy he finally found the Pokemon section.  Kind of funny since he will occasionally find them in the adult anime section but he knew there were more but didn't find them in the teen section either and didn't want to ask.  Luckily our favourite children's librarian was in the kids room today and after a quick discussion, success!

An all round good day.  Well, except for the Canadian juniors spectacular third period collapse...but we won't go there.

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