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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two days in one, or at least it feels that way.

When the alarm went off this morning I admit I really, really did not want to get out of bed.  I had a run planned with a friend however and knew once we started I would be very happy to be out there.  Part of the problem is I've been out of my very favourite coffee cream for three days as the store was out of it and I'm such a baby I won't drink coffee without it.  If there ever was a morning I (the girl who didn't even start drinking coffee until I was 40) needed a coffee this was it. 

I made it out of bed, made an especially strong cup of tea, hopped in the shower for a quick one to wake myself up, threw on my layers of running clothes (it was a cold one out there), poured the rest of my tea into my new travel cup a friend gave me for Christmas and headed out... only to hit traffic, argh!

I got to our meeting spot about 15 minutes late (sorry Dana!) and we started up the trail.  Yes.. I said up.  this particular route is straight up, for 3 or so kilometers and then still up but not nearly as painfully so, for another couple of km's to the pedestrian bridge that crosses a pretty major local highway, over to the other side to see where the path leads.  We found this picturesque little road ....
...that we didn't run down however as we still had to go approx 5 km back....always the best part of this run as it's pretty much all down hill.  While running Dana was telling me about a tree she noticed when she was waiting for me (remember I was late, oops) that at first she thought was decorated with Christmas ornaments.  This isn't as far fetched as you would think as there are several trees along the route decorated with ornaments and garland, or with bird seed etc.  She realized as she took a closer look however that it was actually fruit... nature's ornaments!When we got to the end of our run she pointed out the tree... does look like ornaments!

This run was a tough one, not because of the route, but because of the two inches of snow we ran through.  I got home and was so tired I ran the hottest bath I could stand and stayed in there for an hour at least.  When I got out I put on jammies and relaxed for the afternoon.  I was thrilled when a friend brought me some of my coffee cream and I had my first coffee in three days at 3:30 or so. After the coffee I climbed back into bed for an hour long nap.  Hey, it's the weekend and I worked hard this morning:).

Now to why it feels like two days in one!  After I woke up from the nap and made some dinner for my 16 yo and I (my 12 yo is at his dad's), we headed out to WalMart to pick up a few things (mainly snacks).  Now of course I'm wide awake and probably will be up half the night but at least i'll have my choice of snacks, ha.   Tomorrow will put my schedule back on track however as I have agreed to go on a two hour hike in the afternoon at the same place we went on Wednesday.  LOTS of hill work.... by tomorrow night I might not be able to walk!

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