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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A week spent waiting....

...for my oldest to call me and tell me he needed a ride home after play practice or performances.  This meant I couldn't make plans.  This meant I missed boot camp on Friday.  This meant I had to cut several activities short.  It also meant my house was much quieter than normal and that my 12 year old was lonely and oddly unsettled.  It has been a week where I saw teenage boys walking home in full make up in between presentations and the first time I knew my son was going somewhere in someone's car after a performance but I had no idea who.  I'm not complaining but it has been a strange week.

Today was another day full of performances but the boy's dad came into town and took them out, which meant he could drop Josh off before the first show.  I took this opportunity to meet a friend for coffee and we ended up deciding to go to a local conservation area and take some photos since we had a nice fresh snow fall and it was an absolutely beautiful day.

 It's now 10:19 pm and I'm waiting (again) for Josh to call.  As I said, I'm not complaining... but I am looking forward to this week to be over!

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