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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It snowed!!!

Finally!!!  Not quite enough for a snow day, but at last some snow!  It was a very light snow, so although there was about 4 inches, it was very easy to shovel.  That's a good thing though because our snow blower had a flat tire and I have a pretty big driveway.  We are expecting more snow on the weekend so a friend of mine very nicely brought over a compressor tonight and blew up the tire for me. Both my 16 yo and I are hoping that will do the trick and there isn't a hole in the tire. 

I took my camera out to take some pictures of the snow but it just wasn't happening today.  I couldn't find anything that excited me in my yard so I had some fun playing with different settings on my camera instead.   Here's a couple that I really like, more for the fact they would be really fun on the front of a card as there is lots of space to put a greeting than for anything else.

and my very favourite.... which I would even consider getting printed for a small frame.  I LOVE it.
That's it for today...looking forward to sending my youngest back to school tomorrow, he's been off for two and a half days.  He'll go back for two days and then have a three day weekend.  My oldest doesn't have Monday off but he does have exam break coming up.  Fun times!

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