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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A hike, a power outage and a popcorn dinner plan that didn't pan out.

First the power outage....we lost power for about four hours from about 3-7.  It was kind of fun!  The boys are at their dad's and I have a gas cooktop and a gas fireplace so I could make tea and stay warm.  I also had Alec's wind up Eddie Bauer flashlight so even after it was completely dark I hunkered down by the fireplace and read with the flashlight.  Life was good.  The only thing I was worried about was the contents of my fridge and freezer, esp. since I had just a couple of hours earlier separated, bagged and placed 52 chicken backs in the freezer, for....umm, the dogs:).  Never mind all the meat and other things I had separated and frozen for the boys and I!  I'm happy to say that what was supposed to stay cold did and the stuff in the freezer was frozen solid also.

The planned popcorn dinner?  I was supposed to be going to a movie with the girls tonight but we it's snowing pretty heavily and the roads are a bit dicey so I along with a few other decided to stay home with my pvr'd shows instead:).

We once again arranged to meet up with the ladies and the dogs at our favourite hilly area.  We did about 5k through about a foot of snow up and down the hills, quite a good workout!  My sister brought her daughter's dog Tia Bella for the first time today.  Since I know you are going to ask anyways, Tia is half shar pei and half retriever and yes she does have a funny little face sometimes.  We weren't sure how she was going to do but she had a blast!  She is just about one and I can't wait to introduce her to Alice/Sela when she gets here.  You'll see the usual cast of characters in the pics along with Bella, a little girl who's been on a few hikes before but I never caught a good pic of her.  I think she is Sadie's favourite doggy friend and she will often put both her paws on Sadie's nose to get her to play, which Sadie allows.  They both stick close to their mommy's so they end up beside each other quite often when we hike.  Poor Bella gets run over alot but she just keeps on going.  So cute!

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