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Thursday, February 3, 2011

She loves this, honestly and so does he!

Alec and I went outside to shovel the front walkway and clean up the driveway a bit and of course Sadie-girl came out with us.    Alec lasted oh... about 2 minutes,  and by 2 minutes I probably mean a little (a lot) less,  before he was off to play in the snow which led to him throwing a few snowballs at me which led to Sadie trying to catch them and soon an old favourite game of both of theirs was in progress.  Some might think we were being mean to her (she LOVES this game), others might think Sadie is in desperate need of a good bath and brushing (and they would be right, I'm trying to decide if I should clip her right down)...but let me just say that she was having a blast and so was Alec and who am I to tell them to stop?  It's more fun to take pictures anyways.

Here goes....

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