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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Driving Park

There is a park in our town that is pretty much the center hub of activity all year round.  There are baseball fields, playgrounds, an ice rink in the winter that the kids skateboard and do bike tricks on in the summer, there is a splash pool in the summer, they hold the annual fireworks celebrations here and in the summer there are weekly concerts by local musicians.  The park is surrounded or enclosed actually, by a road, there are a few houses along the other side of it and one of the local high schools is up a small hill. The road itself it almost a kilometer and people have been running and walking laps there for as long as the park has been there. 

Thursday after school Alec and I decided to go to the park and he played on the playgrounds and basically had a good run around checking everything out while I did some laps with Alice.  Alice and I met a couple of friends, a few nice dogs and it was interesting to see Alice react with disdain at a dog that was very noisy and not very nice.  One of the dogs we met was a small puppy and I was wondering what Alice would think.  When the puppy started to play with Alice I thought she might get a little rambunctious because she loves to play but she just let the much smaller puppy jump all over her.  It was so sweet.  Dogs just know I think.

A few pics....

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