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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My partner in crime.

Of my two boys, Alec is definitely the one who is always ready and willing to join me on an adventure in the great outdoors.  Funnily enough, he is also my one who is the most addicted to video games and computers, books and magazines and even his favourite tv shows..  I love that he is always willing to drop what he's doing when I tell him we are heading out though. 

We started "hiking" together before he was even two years old.  We would head down to the end of the court and cut through the then empty lot to explore the woods.  Once we added Sadie to the family she came along also and Alec, Sadie and I were covering 4 or 5 k on the RBG trails before he was even four years old. 

This continued until the day Alec and another boy who was fairly new to the neighbourhood went further into the woods than they were supposed to a few years ago.  The boy was a little older than Alec and even though Alec knows the woods like the back of his hand, the other boy wasn't willing to listen to him and they ended up disoriented.  Alec eventually insisted that the older boy follow him and they made it home but it was a little scary for both of them and it took me over a year to get him back into those woods again.  

During this time they finally built a home on the empty lot and our access on the court was lost, although it's a short .3k walk to the public access.  We had been checking out other areas to hike but do find out way back to the old familiar trails quite often also.  The first time I took him back there he surprised himself by remembering it all once he figured out where the access point we used to us to use joined the trails. 

As I mentioned in my last post, Alec was a  little upset with me for taking Alice for a walk without him so yesterday I saved her long walk for after school.  When Alec got home we decided to head to the Radial trail near Chedoke Golf Course.  We didn't take Sadie as she hates to be on the leash but we did take the camera.  I posted most of these on fb but here's a few shots of our adventure up the ice and snow covered trail.   I hope you like them.  Now to decide where today will take us......

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