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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A few photos of the new girl and her friends.

I still don't have my computer back so these are a few of the pics Josh let me load on his computer.  We have been having so much fun with Alice and she is SOOOO good.  We haven't had any issues at all with her at all and besides being the happiest puppy i've ever met, she picks up things really quickly also. 

We've been somewhere new every single day and she has met many puppy friends as well as been for quite a few walks with Sadie.  Sadie, at 10, doesn't want to join in the puppy games but Alice has been having a blast with my running partner's new dog (they didn't get Alice's sister but did get an adorable 4 month old Australian Shepherd/retreiver cross) and some of the usual hiking partners, especially Lincoln, who I've previously posted pics of on here.  Watching puppies play can put a smile on anyone's face.  I'm going to have to try to remember to get some of it on video.

Alec gave me grief yesterday because I had taken Alice for a really long walk and she wasn't interested in going on another one when he got home from school.  He said from now on I had to let her save some energy for a walk after school:).

Hopefully i'll have some news on my computer soon but  if I can remember to do a quick blog post before Josh deletes my images off his computer, I should be able to update a little more regularily.  Wish me luck!

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