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Saturday, May 1, 2010

24 hours of fun.

I don't think I have done so much in a 24 hour period since I was a teen, playing soccer for Burlington and playing in quite a few tournaments that would have us playing up to five games in two days.  

Yesterday I had boot camp which is always a hard work out and yesterday was no exception.  A run of about 2 km to start outside, then quite a tough ab workout before moving to the circuit training portion.  Although there wasn't a really intense cardio section, Brian (our trainer) has upped the intensity on everything,  the weights are heavier and there were some pretty interesting moves.  

Last night my friends Janet, Vanessa and I went out for a great dinner (sangria and appetizers, lots and lots of appetizers:) ), and then went to meet an old student of theirs who was celebrating her birthday that night at a club.  We decided we must be getting old because the clubs don't even open til 11.... we left at about 11:15!   

This morning we moved our 8 am run until 9 (since we were out so late, snicker) and did the waterfront trail again.  It was a perfect morning for running, just cool enough that it wasn't hot.  We ran about 10 k and it is so nice to see Vanessa improving every week.  

This afternoon I met with a friend and while we had planned to go for ice cream, we decided instead to go for a hike at the Devil's Punchbowl, which is walking distance from his house.  The cross in the first photo is lit at night and can be seen for miles around.  We first walked down to see the waterfall and since it was quite dry we were actually able to walk almost right to the bottom.  I was getting pretty wet from the spray as I took the photo of the waterfall. 

We then decided to hike up to the top which is where the cross was located.  We took a route right up the side of the mountain rather than follow the trail and it was pretty steep, quite a good workout at any time, never mind after all the physical activity I had done in the previous 24 hours.  

Needless to say I'm pretty tired and am really looking forward to my bed tonight!

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