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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another summer weekend comes to a close.

Saturday morning started bright and early with an 8am run to beat the heat with Dana, Vanessa, Janet and Louie the dog.  We did one of our usual routes, starting from the Chedoke parking lot, down the path to the Dundurn stairs, up the stairs, down Scenic drive to the start of the Radial trail, which we ran down to finish up where we started.   Louie wasn't quite as happy this time as he had to be on his leash for much of the run (city streets) which slowed us down a bit and Vanessa was in a bit of pain from a sore hip, so we took it easy.

After the run we headed to our favourite local Starbucks and grabbed an outside table.  The staff were very nice and filled a big bowl with ice and water for Louie who sat quite happily while we enjoyed our post run drinks in the sun.  

We all split up to do our own things on Saturday afternoon but met up again to see the 10:30 showing of Inception (minus Dana who had seen it the night before) which I loved.  I am not usually at all interested in going to see a movie twice at the theatre but I think I'ld actually like to see this one again. 

Sunday I slept in a bit and then headed to Burlington to watch my running partner Colin's soccer team play against our friend Lewis' team.  When I got there my friend Lesley handed me a camera bag and told me Lewis wanted me to take some pictures for him.  I pulled out the camera (a Nikon, I'm a long time Canon girl) and decided to do it the easy way and just shoot on the sports setting.  I have no idea what I caught although I do know that I wasn't used to his lens and missed a few that I would love to have caught.   I made a special effort to catch at least one of his father in action who also plays on his team.  Maybe he'll let me edit some of them and I can share a couple here later.  I do plan on taking my camera to a Friday night game soon also.

I spent the rest of the day battling my green swimming pool.  I can't believe how much time I have spent on this and it's still not ready to swim in.  Hopefully in a couple of days.  Poor A. has been so anxious to get back in it and of course it really isn't helpful to have house showings when your pool is green, which we did on Thursday and we have another tomorrow.

I have two iPhone photos to share today.  The first is of course Dana and her dog Louie, actually taken Wednesday on the pedestrian bridge over the 403 in Ancaster.  He's a rescue dog and I believe she told me he was found after Hurricane Ike.  She's done a great job training him and he's a very lovable little guy.   The second is the view from the top of the Dundurn steps that I took during our Saturday morning run.

Have a great week everyone!

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