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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why my dad is so great.

Look at this photo of A., notice that he is drinking a pop from Wendy's.  Look in the background of the shot and you may or may not notice that there is a Wendy's bag AND a Harvey's bag.  What you don't see is that there is also a wrapper from a Quizno's sub. 

After a day of cleaning we headed to my parents as we had a showing going on at our house.  It just happened to be almost dinner time when we got there and my dad had decided on spaghetti, but when my mom said she wasn't hungry my dad offered to pick up fast food.  He and I quickly decided on Quizno's (we split a 12" roast beef, so good!) but the boys couldn't agree on one place, so he not only went to Quizno's but also went to Wendy's for A. and Harvey's for Josh.  Everyone was happy.

Another bonus of this trip was A. has finally realized Grandpa has forgiven him (and gotten over it himself) after a little incident a few weeks ago when A. was rude to my dad and my dad let him know it.  A. has been holding a little grudge because his feelings were hurt, but my dad was right to call him on it.  All is forgiven now though and A. can finally move on.  

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