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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th or whatever you are celebrating today!

Happy Independence Day to my American friends and a very Happy Birthday to my first boyfriend (I was 13) and current weekday running partner Colin!   

I started the day bright and early meeting my friend Lesley and we watched her husband (my running partner) play soccer.  Afterwards, I headed home to organize a bit and do a little shopping and then Lesley, Colin and their two boys came over for an afternoon swim/birthday barbecue.  My boys loved having them over and A. really enjoyed an epic (his words) water gun fight with Colin.

I took a few photos of Colin blowing out the candles on the very manly birthday cake Lesley made for him (something about pink and purple sprinkles?!?)  but between the bright sun and the patio umbrella, they didn't turn out very well, so instead the photo you see today is of A. in the tube we had probably had for 10 years, that finally died this week.  

Sadly, the slide pictured in a previous post also fell victim to overexhuberant play by kids.  It was a bad week to be a pool toy at our house.

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