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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More fun with friends!

Oops, I forgot, or rather I was too tired, to post my photo of the day last night.  Or maybe sitting in the sun got to me, who knows.  I do know I must have been tired because I slept in until 9:40 today and I NEVER do that.  Four busy days in a row must have gotten to the kids also because I was actually the first one up this morning!

My running/boot camp/scrapbooking/movie going/fellow book lover friend Janet and I had our first boot camp session of the summer at Brian's (trainer) new studio early in the morning and a bit later in the day she brought the girls over for an afternoon in the sun.   The kids swam (Janet even went in for a bit) and we relaxed in the sun.

I didn't want to get any more sun on my front so I placed an old quilt on the grass and settled in on my tummy with the latest Charlaine Harris book (Dead in the Family), a big glass of water (refilled several times) a snack and my phone, which I used to capture the two images above from the above mentioned position. 

Notice the big white and blue floating toy in the pool?  That's all that is left of the slide, kind of sad, but it makes a great floating mat and the kids figured out if they leave the hose attached they get a cooling/cold spray when they are on it.  Edited because I spelled mat wrong and just had a hilarious conversation with Josh regarding floating Matthews in the pool and we decided that even though there has been one or two, none were there yesterday:), we have interesting conversations around here!

The kids had a blast, as they always do, with Janet's girls and Janet and I enjoyed the day also. We're all looking forward to many similar days over the summer.

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