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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three things minus two things.

You'll notice a lack of photos today.  Don't worry, i'll be back with three tomorrow... but today that only accounts for the missing two things... make sense:)?

Three things:

1)  Our cute little house guest has returned.  My parents are off to Florida in the morning with the intentions of buying a little vacation home.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this.  They've been renting in Alabama for the last several years but are ready to spend more time in the South and decided on Florida.  Since John and I split my boys have been pretty upset about not being able to spend time in Florida with me, something they have done every year since they were 14 months old except for one.   

2) The pool is just about back to normal and the boys should be able to swim in it by early next week.  I can't believe how long this has taken.  I have spent hours on this.  Let's just say it should have been cleaned up a little quicker and leave it at that.  Feel free to read between the lines.

3) I've been uploading some photos to Black's in preparation for an upcoming scrapbooking afternoon with friends and after a year or so of rarely feeling the desire to pick up my camera...I think it's back.  I don't believe i've even switched a lens in that time.  Playing with Lewis' camera on the weekend sparked something I think.  Maybe it was the fact I never got to see or play with the photos that made me want to get out there and take some new ones of my own.

There's your three things for today:).  Now, this tired momma is going to bed.  

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