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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday ramblings and a really blurry iPhone self portrait.

Okay, I can't believe I posted it either... moving on.

I had a pretty normal day yesterday and at one point during the early afternoon I took this silly self portrait.  By dinner time I was in so much pain that I asked a good friend to drive me to the hospital.  After a few tests I had to wait for results so my friend called my dad for me who came and sat with me so my friend could head home.  After a couple of hours and a short exam it was determine that it was gall bladder pain and I was told by a very adorable ER doctor to not be a hero and book an appointment to get it out before it got to the point that I was in constant pain from it and begging them to do it.  Okay then.  

I felt completely drained when I got home from the hospital but after a good night's sleep I decided I felt well enough to go to Boot Camp.  Brian (our trainer) noticed I wasn't going full speed at one point (I was supposed to be sprinting on the treadmill) and asked if everything was okay.  I told him about yesterday and he said "why the heck are you here", which made me laugh.  I was totally fine, I just didn't feel up to putting the treadmill to 8.  Can you blame me?

After boot camp, a trip to Starbuck's with the girls and a shower at home the kids and I headed out to get gas and a few things and we discovered my favourite gas station is undergoing a change of ownership and is being completely remodeled.  We ended up getting gas in a neighbouring town instead and to be honest, we will probably end up using that station most of the time anyways since we hadn't noticed how close it was to several destinations.  

The rest of the day the kids and I just hung around here... watching the rain and planning our busy week.  It should be a fun one if we can survive tomorrow:).


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