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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A week I would rather not repeat, thank you very much.

My doctor likes to joke with me that I am one of her healthiest clients ever.  The only time she ever sees me (unless I am with the kids of course) is when I'm really, really sick, which very rarely happens.  I think I have been THAT sick maybe twice in the past ten years. 

This week it, as I mentioned in my last post, it seems my time to get friendly with various doctors has come again.   Two emergency room visits, a visit with my family doctor and twenty minutes of the most uncomfortable ultrasound experience ever that left me feeling like I'ld been hit by a truck.  Add into that a two and a half hour session at another hospital for one of my kids and you can understand why I would really like a do over.  

In between all the doctor and hospital visits I managed to get in two runs, a walk and two boot camp sessions, one of which was the day of the ultrasound which meant I wasn't able to have food or drink before hand...Brian was amused and a little concerned when I told him I hadn't had coffee and could I please follow someone during circuit training.   The photo above was taken on one of those outings.  

I'm going to take it easy today and then tomorrow if the rain holds off I'm going to go watch some friends play soccer and hopefully get some good photos.  I may post one or two here but maybe not, i'll be back with some sort of photos soon though.

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