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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The year of the toad?

In the "it really makes you wonder" category... do you ever stop and think about why it is we are inundated with seemingly different bugs or creatures from year to year?  For example, this year, no matter who you talked to, earwigs were a common problem all over North America.  As a pool owner, i've seen various trends over the years, but this year we have also been hit with a huge increase of toads.  I can't tell you how many toads i've pulled out of the pool and skimmer basket over the past few months.  Today alone I pulled five toads out of the pool,  they were all completely different sizes, which REALLY makes me wonder.  They are funny little guys, easy to catch and they all do the same thing when I pull them out, which is hang out wherever I placed them for a while, maybe to catch their breath.  The other day there was a frog in the pool and those guys make it tough to want to help them.  I think I spent half an hour trying to catch the silly thing.  By the way... my pool really isn't as dirty as it looks in the picture, honest :).

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