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Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Week Happily Complete.

Tuesday was the first day of school in our area and I knew Monday was going to be interesting.  Josh who always gets a bit unsettled before the start of a new year, spent the day organizing his supplies and talking pretty much non stop.  A., who was starting at a new school,  is one of the most easy going kids I know.  He spent the day playing video games and relaxing, not a concern in the world.  Josh wanted a special 'night before school starts' dinner but since I had already planned something we decided on a trip to Starbuck's for Pumpkin Spice Lattes for Josh and I and a Jone's Soda root beer for A. instead.  

The boys were up and ready with about half an hour to spare on the first day which was kind of surprising.  We met up with a friend of A.'s, who he's known since preschool and who we knew was in A.'s class, at the bus stop.  I figured they could get lost (not really) together.  S. didn't know what class he was in or who his teacher was so I think he was a bit relieved to learn that we did.  Josh was starting 11th so he had nothing to worry about.

Both boys had a great first day and week.  At first Josh was a bit concerned about his drama class as he didn't have the teacher he was really hoping for but I think he's actually pretty excited about it now as it turns out this class is very instrumental in the planning. producing and performing of the big school play.  A. also had a good week and after two days we decided that it was easier to drive him (saves him 40 minutes on the bus) since I'm driving Josh anyways, it just works better for everyone.

There were a few other exciting and not so exciting events this week that I won't share here, but know my boys are making the most of this first back to school weekend and enjoying every minute of their free time!

The photo at the top was taken Thursday night at dusk, really testing the limits of my iPhone, I had fun playing with it though.  One of my running partners and I were running up the Radial Trail and as we came around a bend we saw three deer crossing the path.  They stopped just off the trail in the bush and didn't seem frightened or bothered by us at all.  I always love seeing them when we run but a friend told me they are actually quite a nuisance in the area.  

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