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Friday, November 12, 2010

Back for a minute, minus a gall bladder.

I promise to come back with a longer post in a day or two but we are still having trouble with are wifi (waiting for a new modem/router from Bell to arrive) so I'm using Josh's computer right now.

I will say that the surgery was a breeze and honestly I've had very little pain at all. It feels like I overdid it on the sit ups but that's about it. I am taking it pretty easy for a bit with strict instructions from the Dr. not to do any core (ab) work for a month due to the danger of blood clots, that includes heavy lifting etc., but she did say that I could resume walking in a week and start running whenever I was comfortable.

Josh wants his computer back so that's it for me. Like I said I'll be back soon, with photos even, wink. I took a before shot which greatly amused my trainer (until I wouldn't show him, ha) and I had to giggle at the shot I took the day after because I had a funny little tummy full of the gas they pump in during surgery. It's looking much flatter today:). I bet you really didn't need to know that!

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