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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looking down.

It's funny how one's perspective can change rather quickly.  My post two days ago was all about the beauty of the sky on that particular day.  Yesterday, my eyes were drawn to the ground and the ice crystals that blanketed the yard.  These photos make me yearn for a better lens, sharper or perhaps on the advice of my friend Janice, something with a macro option.   

In other news, I finally heard from my surgeon and it looks like I finally have a date to say good bye to my gall bladder.  Can't say I'm going to miss it.  I'm currently stocking my freezer with low fat soups and other options for the days after the operation.  Any tips or advice is welcome.

The next few days look a bit damp but then the nice weather comes back.  Hopefully i'll be back with a few more photos before I'm stuck in the house.

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