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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The road to recovery begins with a single step.

One week after surgery I decided it was time... with the full approval from my Doctor in case anyone is worried.   

I'm recovering quite well besides being much more tired than normal (and a tad fuzzy headed at times) and the fact I still really haven't regained my appetite.  I am hoping by adding some exercise back in all of those things will soon be just a memory.

It felt great when I was walking and I actually felt like running a few times.  I know from experience, that would be running to the washing machine a few times to catch it when the cycle finished before the warning beep drove the dog crazy, that I can feel it in my belly button area when I do.  Maybe I'll wait another week until that, the biggest incision, is fully healed before I attempt it.   

Remember I mentioned I took a before shot of my tummy?  Well, i've taken several after shots also.  If I am actually brave enough to post them you'll see that this surgery really is among the easiest ones anyone can face.  Four teeny tiny incisions, that's it.  

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