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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We started our Christmas decorating....

....started being the key word here.

 As the kids get a little older Josh and I argue every year over whether we need to put all of those very precious handmade ornaments from their childhoods on the tree, obviously a big YES from me.  He also has very strong opinions on the colour of the lights.  Josh wants all white with gold ornaments and trim.  A. wants as much colour as possible and a complete mishmash of each and everything he finds in the Christmas boxes placed on the tree and wants to discuss every single one.  He also loves to group similar ornaments together, so that the snowmen are all happy and that the angels are all high up and able to see down on everyone. Josh soon gives up in disgust and leaves the job to A. and I. A. gets tired after a while and it looks like this is going to take us several days to complete.  We haven't even started with the rest of the house yet, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  

Three photos of my decorating buddy for today, most likely a few more progress report blog entries along with accompanying photos in the days ahead.

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