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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is the tiny little defective piece that has caused me several months of grief.  The tiny little piece that probably shorted out the "computer board" in my almost three year old rather pricey washing machine.  This is the piece that when my very nice repairman replaced the stupidly expensive computer board (over $1000, but thankfully covered by Bosch since this isn't the first issue we have had with the problematic washer and it's companion dryer) , caused the newly fixed washer to quit again after two cycles.   Luckily, my very nice repairman just happens to be a Bosch certified repairman and he knew immediately when I told him it quit spinning so quickly, exactly what the problem was.  Unfortunately Bosch doesn't sell these little parts separately for washing machines, but my Bosch certified repairman just happened to know they also used these pieces in their dishwashers and that you could buy them separately for those... and he came prepared today to fix me up.  I'm on my third load and so far so good... cross your fingers my three month ordeal is over!   

One little funny thing that happened while my nice repairman was fixing my washing machine was a town wide (actually several towns) power outage, that occurred just as he was doing some electrical work.  We didn't know it was town wide at the time and he made a trip downstairs to my breaker box just in case he caused it.  We both breathed a big sigh of relief when the power came back on.

I'll be happily doing quite a few loads of laundry over the next few days, all the while giggling at a certain person who insisted that I actually broke the washing machine by being too hard on it.  I think that might be pretty tough to do, don't you?

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