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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bad blogger.

Sorry to my three or four readers but blogging hasn't been high on the list of things to do lately. Lots of fun, photo worthy things on the schedule over the next few days so hopefully I'll be a little more inspired to share.

About the two photos today. The top photo is of a gingerbread house our very nice real estate agent brought to us. I had a friend clone out some details as the house had our home address in icing on the front of the house and our last name on the little sign post. It also had the cutest little sold sign on the lawn, but the kids made me pull it out as the house isn't sold and they aren't looking forward to going through the whole process again in the spring.

The second photo is pretty exciting for so many reasons. This is my picky child. The child that has only eaten a very specific brand of chocolate chip cookies for years. I make cookies for Josh (my oldest) and other friends all the time but A. would never try them.

One day earlier this week I was out of A.'s fave cookies so I made some of my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies so he had something for his lunch at school. I didn't make a big deal about it when I packed his lunch and when he came home that night he told me that the cookies I had given him were delicious. When I told him I had made them he was shocked.

We then had a little discussion (again) about how many good things he was missing out on by being so picky. For the next three nights we made cookies together. The picture shows him with the regular chocolate chip cookie dough he made from scratch. He lost a little steam on this day when it was time to drop the cookie dough onto the baking sheets so I am glad I caught this shot.

That's all for today, but I promise to be back soon!

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