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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo heavy, it was a busy weekend!

I started off Saturday morning running (seriously, 9.7 k) and didn't stop until about 2pm Sunday and both kids and I will sleep very well tonight. After my run on Saturday the kids and I headed to one of the busiest local malls at any time of the year, never mind the week before Christmas, to hit up a 30% off sale at my favourite store, Eddie Bauer and to look for something for me to wear that night at my friend Janet's annual Christmas party.

We had to rush back as John was picking the kids up at 6. It was his mom's 65th birthday and they were surprising her with dinner at the newly opened Mandarin. He was waiting in the driveway when we got back, the kids hopped into his truck and I ran in to do my nails, a very funky sparkly, greenish, gun metal grayish O.P.I. colour and then shower before my friend Dana picked me up at 8.

We had a great time at Janet's party as usual. Great people, great food and divine drinks. There were quite a few teacher friends of Janet's there so I don't feel comfortable posting photos of them. The party photos were all taken at about one in the morning, need I say more? The one of me is cropped, I was actually sitting between a few people. The other pic is of Vanessa, Janet and Dana, who I'm sure I've posted photos of on here before. They are all boot camp/running friends and so much more. I got home at about 1:30 in the morning and both my boys were still wide awake.

I got them to bed and myself to bed as I had plans with my sister in the morning. Alec and I met up with Julie, her dogs and about 30 other people and their dogs for a 10km hike at Valen's Conservation Area. It was a beautiful day, about -4C with virtually no wind chill. Alec ran out of steam at about the 8k mark but I promised him McDonalds if he could finish without grumping and he did. We had a great time! It was so interesting to see all the different types of dogs. I am posting a couple of pics here but there is more on my facebook page.

It's midnight and I haven't been this tired in a very long time. I have a run planned with Dana tomorrow, hope I can find a little extra energy! So with that I'm going to finish here. I will be running with my phone tomorrow so look for some photos of one of our favourite running trails looking a little different now that it's winter. I'm not sure how far we'll actually go as Dana is dealing with some foot issues and we will have Louie the dog with us.

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