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Monday, January 10, 2011

A little Sunday exercise.

Once again on a nice sunny but quite cold Sunday I joined my sister and some of her friends (human and canine) for a nice walk through a local park.  Let me rephrase... I joined my sister and her friends for an intense 90 minute very hilly workout at a local park... which if you read between the lines means that the less fit among us are probably feeling it in their glutes today.
I think Sadiegirl might be feeling it today also.  She tended to hang at the back of the pack.  Of course, that's where I was taking photos so maybe she was just staying close to me.  There was another older member of the dog family, a 10 year old beautiful lab/shepherd mix that was a little more sedate also.  Then there were Julie's speedy poodles who I didn't get any good photos of but I did get several of these two pups that have a blast playing with each other.
Love this shot Bailey appearing to tell secrets to Lincoln.  I didn't realize what I had shot until I got home.  The two of them were usually running, chasing each other or occasionally wrestling in the snow.
Close to the end of our hike the ladies tried to get a shot of all the dogs on the rocks.  Sadie wasn't having anything to do with it but almost all the rest of them are in the shot, along with two of the ladies.
I also took a few other shots of things that caught my eye.

Despite a few complaints during the hilly 5k walk, we all can't wait to do it again soon!

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